August 23

Roxanna L. Bennett, 808 Thomas, Redfield, and Lanny L. Diekman, 23897 Glenwood Circle, Adel, were involved in a property damage accident in the 300 block of Nile Kinnick Drive S., Adel. Diekman was leaving a parking lot and pulled into the southbound lane of Nile Kinnick Drive and struck Bennett. Damage to Bennett’s vehicle is estimated at $1,000. The damage to Diekman’s vehicle is estimated at $800.

A two vehicle property damage accident occurred at R Avenue and Highway 6. Michael R. Fisher, 340 Ivanhoe Road, Waterloo, was westbound on Highway 6. Russell D. Gibson, 25871 2785th Place, Dallas Center, was southbound on R Avenue. Gibson pulled out from the stop sign at the intersection of Highway 6 in front of Fisher. Fisher struck Gibson’s vehicle and a stop sign. Damage to Fisher’s vehicle is approximately $4,000. Gibson’s vehicle sustained approximately $2,500 damage. Damage to the stop sign, belonging to the Iowa Department of Transportation, is estimated at $100. Gibson was cited for failure to yield upon entering through highway.

August 22

A two vehicle property damage accident was investigated at R16 and Highway 6, Adel. Abby J. Crannell, 1515 Maple Street, Adel, and Elizabeth S. Reels, 719 W. Filmore Street, Winterset, were both southbound on R16 and stopped at the stop sign at Highway 6. Reels was behind Crannell and mistakenly thought Crannell had proceeded into the intersection. Reels then accelerated, striking the rear of Crannell’s vehicle. The Reels vehicle sustained approximately $800 damage. Damage to the Crannell vehicle is estimated at $600.

August 21

Vicki L. Manning, 1107 Sugar Grove, Dallas Center, reported a theft.