Forest Park Museum and Arboretum at Perry was originally developed in the 1940’s by Eugene Hastie, a farmer, local historian and author. The arboretum was planted in straight lines to allow farming between the rows of growing trees. Since the original purchase of the 5-acre park in 1966, the Dallas County Conservation Board has added 12 acres of re-established prairie and wildflowers. There is a mowed walking trail that perimeters the prairie. The arboretum consists of over 100 different species of primarily native trees and shrubs.


Judge McHenry remarked the other day to one of our citizens that he had been very sick since holding court here a year ago and came pretty near dying, but that a man who had to go to Congress didn’t have time to die. We guess after the election is over the judge will find plenty of time to die if he wants to and not interfere with anyone’s congressional duties either. The people are not going to half as anxious about his going to Congress as he is himself.


The Christian Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian Church will hold a bonnet and tie social at the home of A.C. Hotchkiss on Thursday evening of next week. Each lady to bring had and trimming and gentlemen material for a tie. Ladies will make the ties and gentlemen trim the bonnets.


A sextette of floaters who had been given lodging in the ‘bum’s retreat’ at the station Monday night created some disturbance when they were told to get out of town — and stay out. One of the men accosted an Adel lady who was passing the fire station and followed her about a block. She notified to officers and Marshal Baldon, when he was unable to learn which of the six was guilty, jailed the whole crowd.


A long-range public safety study presented to the West Des Moines City Council Monday night projects that the quickly growing city will eventually extend three miles into the corporate limits of Dallas County. It was projected the city would grow from 30,000 to 112,000 in the next 50 years.

* * *

Voters in Dallas County got their second look at the Democrat and Republican slates for local office in an occasionally heated exchange at a Monday night candidates’ forum sponsored by the Dallas County chapters of Women’s Political Caucus and National Organization for Women. Monday’s even was impromptu with candidates answered about four dozen questions written by a capacity crowd at the Dallas County Care Facility.