Redfield’s Old Settlers Days is believed to be the oldest continual celebration in Dallas County, having originated in 1887.


The regular biennial application of Jasper Mason for pardon will be presented to the coming legislature. Gov. Shaw publishes notice of application in the News, Mason having been convicted in this county, and has served 26 years in the penitentiary upon a life sentence. There is but little hope that favorable action will be taken upon his application.

* * *

It looks very small in a person when he will let his cattle roam around of nights, bothering and eating up other people’s stuff and then refusing to make right for the same, but some people are built that way.

* * *

While our mayor was in Earlham Saturday trying to convert his wind into music, several of our little boys indulged in fistic encounters, but like all other good little boys are truly repentant since his honor’s return. Bad boys.

* * *

Senator Tillman, in his lecture (at Perry), fully sustained his reputation as the ‘pitchfork’ orator. He is bitter, vindictive and abusive but very entertaining. It was a novelty to have a talk of the Tillman kind at Perry. He preached destruction of the negroes and claims that the northern people would not stand negro domination for a month. Tillman is radical in everything he does and on the race question he is so vindictive that his indignation knows no bounds.


As a result of the board of supervisors and of the various mayors and councilmen of Dallas County towns, a total of 193 men are now at work under the Civil Works program adopted by the federal works program. The men are working under the 30-hour week rule, and are being paid 50 cents per hour for their labor, each man working five hours daily. The various projects undertaken have furnished labor of unemployed as follows. At Perry, 54; Adel, 43; Woodward, 20; Redfield, 20; Dallas Center, 16; Van Meter, 14; Dexter, 10; Minburn, 11; Bouton, 2. * * *

Here’s hoping that William C. Bullitt, the new ambassador to Russia, will not get one of his namesakes in his back.


A group of 24 seventh and eighth grade scholars from Adel-De Soto will match wits with hundreds of other students from across the United States and Canada next Wednesday without anyone leaving the comfort of their own classroom. Over 2,500 students will compete in a contest sent to each school on computer disc without expense.