Gardiner was settled in the early 1900s as a stopping point for the Interurban rail that ran from Des Moines to Perry. A school district was formed in 1916 and a new brick school opened for class in 1919. Long vacant, the school still sits just east of Highway 169 about a mile south or its junction with Highway 141.


E.W. DeCamp’s son, west of town, had a slight experience on Sunday night of last week. There is a young lady living near Panora to whom he has been paying his addresses. The girl’s uncle, a man named Dalton, did not approve of the proceedings and when DeCamp left the girl’s home Sunday night Dalton assaulted him and stabbed him in the back. DeCamp got a way from him and not being seriously injured went on to Panora and had a warrant issued. The constable and another man went out to take Dalton into custody but he showed fight and struck one of them over the head with a bed slat, inflicting a serious wound. After finally succeeding in capturing him and starting for town, Dalton jumped from the buggy and started off but was followed by a load of buck shot which lodged in his hip and may cause his death. he is at present in the Guthrie County jail.


Notice: To those who believe the old saying that if a man expects to collect what people owe him, he must hire a long eared hound that will stay on the trail day and night, I wonder if this is true. Now, what do you think? (Signed) Dr. R.C. Frush.

* * *

Because it was discovered recently that a great many pupils have been found guilty of unnecessarily cutting classes, some stricter and more rigorous rules have been placed over the school so that hereafter only excuses of death in the immediate family, illness and things of such a serious nature will be held acceptable by teachers. Any other justifications which are not approved will automatically inflict a zero upon the faulty one’s daily grades.


The county compensation board made short work of recommending fiscal 1989-90 raises for elected officials, using data gathered last year in support of a 25 percent across the board increase. Action now awaits the Dallas County Board of Supervisors.

* * *

The Adel-De Soto school board received recommendation from the district’s facilities study committee to pursue a $1.7 million bond issue to finance building additions at the Adel and De Soto elementary buildings. The committee was formed to study means of solving district overcrowding problem.