Because Kinnick-Feller Park in Adel is next to the Raccoon River, we’re told that special rules applied when high school football games were played there. When touchdowns were scored in the north end zone, teams ran to the south end of the field to kick the extra point, thereby eliminating the possibility that the football would end up in the river.


A new rule has gone into effect in regard to the use of the telephone line which is very unsatisfactory to patrons in that method of communication. The rule now is that if a person wishes to send a message and call up a number and the number answers, the one calling must pay the fee of 25 cents whether he gets the party he wants to or not. Heretofore if a call was made and the person wanted was not found no charge was made. The company will no doubt soon see the unpopularity of the change and go back to the old rule.


A shameful racket occurred among some of the small boys one night last week in which one of the participants was severely cut by a knife in the hands of a 12- or 13-year-old boy. Your correspondent is informed that the January term of the court will investigate the matter.


Considerable complaint is made by some of the farmers about the depredations of hunters. Some stock has been carelessly shot and it is likely that prosecutions will follow.


R.H. Grabau Construction of Boone was named the low bidder for the Dallas County Public Safety Facility with a bid of $1,836,200. Architects had estimated the project would cost $2,285,000. The supervisors also adopted a resolution authorizing the sale of up to $285,000 in capital loan notes to finance the project though they say now that much money won’t be necessary to finance the project. Meanwhile Glenn R. Stine of rural Adel has filed a lawsuit in Dallas County District Court and is seeking an injunction to stop the use of capital loan notes to finance the project.

* * *

A shortage of classroom space at the Adel and DeSoto elementary school buildings will continue to be a problem as enrollment in the district continues to rise, according to Adel elementary school principal Jim Nelsen.