Dan Grimm, a lineman with the 1965 NFL champion Green Bay Packers, was born on Feb. 7, 1941, in Perry. He graduated from Des Moines Roosevelt High School, went on to the University of Colorado and was drafted in the fifth round of the 1963 draft by the Packers. He was claimed by the expansion Atlanta Falcons in 1966. 115 YEARS AGO

The W.H.M.S. of the Methodist Church met with Mrs. O.A. Bever in all-day session last Friday. They will meet again in two weeks from that day with Mrs. Joe Reeves. Each member is again expected to bring a needle, thimble and lunch, and of course to make use of same after bringing them.

* * *

Charley Smithson had a very narrow escape last week from death. His team started to run, throwing him down between them and dragging him about 20 rods and then both wheels passing over him. Fortunately, no bones were broken but charley is laid up for a few days at least.


As we close our last form there is a man with a big gun looking for a man whom he found with his wife last night upon returning home and it is feared there will be trouble.

* * *

Durrency Flack and Lena Maxson attended an old maids’ convention at Dallas Center last Saturday. They were gathering bouquets to decorate the old bachelors’ hats and chickens to fill up the other part of the program. Oh, we wish we could have been a bachelor on that day, don’t you? What success the old maids had you will have to ask Durrency and Lena. Ha! Ha!


History tells us that one time a fellow named Diogenes took his lantern and started looking for an honest man. Had he come to Adel he would have found him in the person of Frank Merical, custodian at the Post Office. The other morning Frank was walking across Main Street, where he picked up a billfold. The purse contained something like $50 in cash and checks. To most of us there would have come a temptation to keep still and let the other person worry about it, but Frank sought the rightful owner and found him. The money belonged to Dave Wright, and was he thankful when it was returned to him?"


Larry Niemeyer, former Adel-DeSoto coach now at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High, was inducted into the Iowa Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame at the IACA annual softball banquet. Late this season, Niemeyer notched his 1,000th victory of his 28-year career. His 1,006 wins rank third among national coaches.