The first high school boys’ track meet in Iowa was held in 1906. Only the 1970 Woodward-Granger team (Class C) has won a state championship. Girls’ state competition began in 1960. It wasn’t until Waukee won the Class 4A crown in 2009 that a school from Dallas County was state champion. Since then, Waukee has also won titles in both 2012 and 2013.


A case of some interest will come before the present term of court. Many years ago a man named Henry Lawrence was married in the South. Afterward, he deserted his wife, enlisted in the war upon the Union side and afterward settled in Kentucky where he was again married. he finally went to Indiana and there his first wife appeared and broke up his domestic happiness. Wife No. 2 refused to live with him and he came west and finally located near Dawson. Here he secured a divorce from his first wife and the other one came on and they were remarried. Finally the man died and being a pensioner, his wife becomes entitled to a pension. Now the first wife comes into court and seeks to set aside the divorce upon the ground that it was obtained by fraud. The object of the controversy is the possession of the pension. White and Clarke will appear for the first wife and Shortley and Harpel of Perry for the second one."


Some people contend that there is no such thing as purgatory but they have certainly overlooked the one who introduced the present fad of wearing colored shoe strings.

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We would be greatly obliged if a half-dozen or so of our subscribers would pay a year ahead on their subscriptions. We are most out of potatoes and want to buy a peck.


"One good turn deserves another," said a knight of the road a few days ago to Vernon McCleary, who operates the Dick and Mac Cafe on the east side of the square. The man, unemployed and hungry, had applied for a free meal and it was given to him. A few hours later he came back to the cafe and the force had visions of another panhandling. But the tramp wasn’t after food. He came in and said he had made a little money and wanted to spend it where people had been kind to him. With that remark he laid down two pennies and asked for a box of matches.


County supervisors have not yet decided if they will finance a $2.002 million public safety facility through a bond issue or taxes. The facility would serve as an administrative center for the sheriff and jail facility.