The City of Waukee has had to shut down their website after it was hacked on Sunday, June 16. According to a document received via email from city administrator Tim Moerman the website has been restored in a limited capacity and viewers can access information on the website such as the calendar and the Waukee Wire, but some information links may not be available.

The document says that the city contracts its design and hosting to an outside firm and that "The website firm made programming changes to the website on Monday, June 17 to protect it from further hacking," but was unsuccessful as the website was hacked again later that day.

The website says that the site is by, a company in Wichita, Kan.

"We worked with this company and our IT services provider to shut down the site," Moerman said in an email.

According to the same document "the website features for bill paying and making registrations is not part of the website that was hacked but is not available for use by the public."

The website will remain in the current state as the city "prepares a longer term strategy for the site."