A new, lower project cost estimate of $21.9 million and a $16.5 million bond issue was presented to the Board of Supervisors during their regular Tuesday meeting.

At their last joint meeting in May, the board and Design Alliance, a Waukee-based design firm that is heading the project, discussed some preliminary cost estimates for county administration, jail/administration and re-purposing current county offices at 902 Court, 907 Court, 810 Court and 201 Nile Kinnick.

A cost estimate around $21 million was presented with a $17.2 million bond referendum; however, after some cost-cutting, the bond issue was brought down to $16.5, using $5.5 out of the county’s capital improvement fund.

One cost-saving measure was joining the county administration building and the jail administration portion, Purdy said.

"We organized this building concept to think about the budget and reduce the budget by connecting the buildings," he said. "The floorplan is now to the point of refining specific areas, like how many front entrances are needed, so we get to the point where we are comfortable with it and it’s a good solution for the public."

The combined structures will amount to a 90,150 square foot facility with public parking in front of the building and an employee parking along the east and west side. In the jail portion, the facility will be able to hold up to 122 beds for the 20-year plan.

"Ninety beds to start out would accommodate everything we need for the next several years," Sheriff Chad Leonard said. Relocation of county services include the Treasurer, Recorder, Assessor, Veterans Affairs, Board of Supervisors, Human Resources, Auditor, Operations Administration, IT, Sheriff and jail administration staff. Services such as Planning and Development, Environmental Health and Human Services will remain in the historic downtown Adel area.

Other business:

Approved the Woodward Lions Club request to approve a letter for an amusement sponsor license; and,

Passed approval of a reduction of a speed limit to 25 mph between 8th St. and Midland Trail in Minburn.