To the Editor:

American companies are slowly rebounding as the economy steadily improves. Instead of addressing the real problems in Washington – spending - politicians are looking ways to increase tax revenue in the form of new taxes.

Many in Congress continue to single out the energy industry as a way to raise funds for our federal government. They would rather create additional taxes on these American companies than find ways to reduce the cost and size of government. American oil and natural gas companies employ millions of Americans. Through innovative exploration methods they have shown they can lower energy costs for everyone by increasing domestic production, thereby reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

Our government continues to have a spending problem and wants to hurt a thriving industry, which will lead to job loss and higher energy costs, rather than face the real issues of increased government spending. Raising taxes on oil and natural gas companies will hit small businesses and individuals with higher transportation and energy costs.

It is time for Washington to face the real issues and stop using American energy companies as a way to support their out of control spending.

Jon McAvoy, Adel