The towns of Adel, De Soto and Minburn are close-knit communities that are filled with residents who take pride in their respective communities. That reason alone attracted Superintendent Greg Dufoe to apply at A-D-M.

"It was clear to me that, if given the opportunity, being superintendent here would be a great fit for me professionally and personally," he said. "I was so impressed with the students, staff, and parents during the interviews. The quality of people was what attracted me initially to A-D-M and that remains true five years later."

Working with educators and administrators is just one rewarding aspect Dufoe is grateful for.

"Being able to work with gifted teachers, administrators, and all A-D-M employees (who) work constantly at improving is very exciting," he said. "As superintendent, I also get to interact with parents and community members who are passionate and supportive of our efforts. To be able to work at making a difference in our young people’s lives is awesome."

While at A-D-M, Dufoe has increased college credit courses to provide students with the best possible education.

"We have a large number of Advanced Placement courses at the high school, and we also have developed a great relationship with the Perry DMACC Career Center," he stated.

Also, creating a system for teachers to collaborate in professional learning communities as well as improved changes to the district’s writing curriculum have been huge accomplishments that Dufoe has been a part of at A-D-M.

Currently, the school is working on a $13.5 million project to go toward building, constructing, furnishing, and equipping additions to four current district schools as well as renovations to the former Adel Middle School. A special election will be held on Feb. 4 and is very important to the district, Dufoe said.

"If successful, it prepares our district for projected growth over the next 10 years by creating modern educational spaces for our students," Dufoe said. "It also improves security at all of our buildings through improved main entrance security. Improving the safety and efficiency of the bus parent loading and unloading at the (Adel) Elementary building is also very significant."

By the year 2022, approximately 500 additional students will be a part of the A-D-M district, bringing the total number of students to close to 2,094. The district currently has 1,582 students enrolled.

In order to accommodate for growth in the coming years, Dufoe said the district has its work cut out for them.

"We have so much work to do: the bond issue, developing new teacher compensation and leadership model, creating communications strategic plan, and on-going curriculum revision in key areas," he said. "It’s a challenging, yet very exciting, time to be in education."

Dufoe has a wife, Laurie, and four children, Kari, Nick, Matt, and Josi.