Is there a little girl out there that doesn’t see herself as a princess?

That being so, it’s fitting that there are introductory princess classes –such as the one being offered at the Granger Public Library on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 11 a.m.

"Think of this as "Princess 101’ " says, Belle, the princess trainer leading the event. "We’ll have instruction in curtsying, twirling wands and other princess-like tasks." But unlike most of the other Storybook Adventure Princess Parties, says Belle, aka business owner Lauren Gardner, this Granger Library event has an educational twist.

"We’re really excited about doing the party as one of our Story Times," says Anna Shilling, Granger Public Library director. "The brainy Belle will read "Beauty and the Beast," which is a fitting tale for would-be princesses. And we’ll have lemonade and cookies (aka) crumpets. The girls will also decorate their princess wands."

For more information on the Granger event and to make a reservation, call the Granger Public Library at 999-2088. Lauren Gardner’s website is