During the week of Oct. 21 through Oct. 25, the east portion of SE 2nd Street (east of SE Main Street) was paved by Absolute Concrete. Vanderpool prepared and placed rock for the west portion of SE 2nd Street to get it ready for paving next week. Kline Electric kept working on pole bases to get poles set next week.

Next week, the remainder of the mainline paving on SE 2nd Street should be finished up, and Absolute Concrete will also be working on paving the sidewalks adjacent to SE 2nd Street.

Currently, the intersection of SE Main Street is partially restricted (once lane) to allow the contractor to get the west half of the intersection graded and poured. Once the west half is poured and cured, traffic will be two-lane once again.

Note: the temporary mailboxes for the businesses along SE Main Street (200 block) are located at the NE corner of SE 3rd Street and SE Main Street.