In a 3-2 vote, Waukee city council approved the rezoning of the Williams Point development from a commercial, to row and townhome dwelling district.

The use of this land, situated near Alice’s Road and Hickman, came under debate during this Monday’s regularly scheduled council meeting. Councilman Isaiah McGee raised concerns over the future of commercial development in this area.

Dan Dutcher, community development director, detailed that commercial sites depend on access and visibility, from main thoroughfares, to drive business. While this plot has, "decent access, it doesn’t really have access off of Alice’s Road or Hickman". He expressed that this particular site would have, "more value as a transitional site", than it would as a commercial district. While the page was turned on the Williams Point plot, the rezoning of a new rural development was brought to the table.

The request to rezone Willow Pines, from an agricultural to residential district, signals the continued advancement of Waukee’s suburban push into rural territory. The prospected development came under fire from several members of the community, during this Monday’s meeting. Neighbors of the approximately twenty-nine acre plot, near the intersection of Ute avenue and Ashworth Drive, raised concerns over the changing aesthetic of the area, as well as possible interference with local agricultural efforts. The land surrounding the proposed development is currently divided into wooded acreages, and farmland.

The amendment to rezone the Willow Pines development has been tabled for further discussion.