Gov. Branstad and Republican lawmakers are under the assumption that all parents who take the time to educate their kids at home know how to find a good curriculum and lesson planning. So they insisted on passing the education reform bill that exempts home-schooled children from all state statues and administrative rules applicable to a school district. With this reasoning, teachers who have spent thousands of dollars and years of education should also be exempt.

Lawmakers are supporting increased testing for public school children, so does it make sense to exempt home-schooled children? Why do they think that parents who decide to home school their children are somehow superior to trained teachers? Can anyone say that all homeschool parents are good teachers?

There are certainly many wonderful home school parents who are doing a great job. But it seems like Republicans have put all of them on a pedestal, so that none of them can be questioned. Because of this new law, we cannot determine with certainty that they are all doing a teaching job equal to or better than a public or private school.

Julie Stewart Ziesman,