Larry Phillips, Waukee Police Chief of 35 years, will retire on March 16 at the age of 66 as Waukee’s first police Chief. Waukee city officials recently names Phillips’ successor: John Quinn.

Quinn currently serves as assistant director of the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and had previously served as director before being demoted when a 2012 reorganization was ordered by Iowa Public Safety Commissioner Larry Noble. Quinn began his career with the DCI in 1983 as a special agent.

"Waukee is a great community of great people and has great potential," Quinn shared. "I hope to make the department the most professional agency in the state." Quinn also notes that he has known Chief Phillips for 30 years and that they are good friends. So has Phillips given Quinn any advice on his new position?

"Tons," Quinn laughs. "The most important thing everyone keeps telling me is to just be myself. I’m very excited."

Four other candidates were interviewed for the Waukee police chief position before Quinn was recommended by Mayor Bill Peard. The other candidates included:

• Jeff Foster, District Executive Officer, Aurora, Colorado; • Brian Hughes, Police Chief, Webster City, Iowa; • Christopher Jones, Police Captain, Marshalltown, Iowa; and

• Tim Sittig, Police Chief, Pleasant Hill, Iowa.