Van Meter Police Department’s Brandon Carter was recently awarded the Medal of Merit for his actions on Sept. 28 while off duty.

At approximately 1:45 a.m. on Sept. 28, Carter was working at a business in West Des Moines when a subject from the establishment got into an altercation with another patron. The subject left the business and went to his vehicle arming himself with a semi-automatic Glock handgun. He then proceeded to walk back toward the business stating he was going to harm the person with whom he had the altercation. The other patrons and employees retreated to safety. Officer Carter, without due regard for his own life and safety, intervened by talking to the subject while approaching him. He took control of his right arm, which was holding the firearm, and spoke calmly to the subject. He was able to talk the subject into putting the firearm back in his vehicle and leaving the scene. He then notified the West Des Moines Police Department of the situation. Van Meter Police Officers are required by operating policy to take action when a forcible felony is occurring or about to occur. Officer Carter could have retreated as he was off duty, unarmed and without ballistic vest protection but he chose to take action. This action saved a human life. Carter was presented the Medal of Merit on Monday, Nov. 18 during the Van Meter City Council regular meeting.