The Auditor of State Mary Mosiman recently released an examination report pursuant to Chapter 11.6 of the Iowa Code on the City of Granger.

In the report, dating from July 1, 2012 until June 20, 2013, Mosiman recommended the city should comply with the budget amendment requirements of Chapter 384.18 of the Code of Iowa before disbursements are allowed to exceed the budget. The report also acknowledged that minutes from three meetings were not published within the 15-day requirement stated in Chapter 372.13(6) of the Code of Iowa. Other recommendations from Auditor Mosiman include the retention of images (both front and back) of cancelled checks for all bank accounts required by Chapter 554D.114 and eliminate deficit balances of $63,282 and $66,255 in the Capital Projects Fund and Special Revenue, Employee Benefits Fund to sound financial condition.