Determined to save lives and end breast cancer forever, Susan G. Komen Iowa announced recently a commitment of over $1 million in the next year to support a variety of initiatives in the fight against breast cancer. These initiatives include grants for screening, diagnostic, treatment and follow up care services in our state. Recipients include 10 agencies, hospitals and clinics throughout Iowa. In addition, Komen Iowa contributed to Susan G. Komen’s National Research Investment Program, which will be announced soon. With the local grants, Komen Iowa is seeking to increase the availability of breast cancer screening services, educate area women about the importance of breast self awareness and early detection, provide reminders about important screening procedures, such as mammograms, and help breast cancer patients navigate through the complicated health care system from diagnostic services, to treatment and follow-up care. Komen Iowa is also providing funds to hospitals and clinics in Iowa to help promote the availability of specialized screening and therapy regimens. In addition, Komen Iowa will launch a new initiative designed to better reach underserved populations and strengthen relationships with grant recipients in areas of Iowa with significant incidences of late stage diagnoses and mortality from breast cancer.

"We are increasingly aware of the need to improve access to screening and breast cancer services throughout Iowa," said Roger Dahl, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Iowa. "We also know that many women need information about risk factors for breast cancer and what steps can be taken to detect this disease at the earliest and most treatable stages. Through our outreach efforts, we intend to build on our partnerships with local agencies, hospitals and clinics throughout Iowa to support efforts in getting more people involved in screening, diagnostic, treatment and follow up care services." Dahl added that the national effort to find a cure for breast cancer has made great strides, but more work is still needed. "Through our investments, we have made significant progress over the past several years in developing new, personalized therapies for breast cancer treatment," he said. "We feel these breakthroughs continue to move us closer to a day in which a cure will be found."

The additional funding committed to the Komen National Research Investment Program helps support research that leads to breakthroughs such as the recently announced FDA approval of Lymphoseek, a new diagnostic tool that can improve the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment. For more information on the specific grants awarded, visit