According to the City of Grimes, the old Jordan well is currently not in use as its water quality is not up to par. Because of its lack of quality water, the city has minimized its use as much as possible. During the construction of the new Jordan well, a broken drill bit and grappling hook were lost and unable to be recovered. Due to this setback, the diggers have decided to start over. The new well is being reconstructed 35 feet from its original position. This will not cause an additional expense to the city. Tests of the new wellwater will be run over the winter. Using a combination of Grimes and Xenia water, the city will be able to start pumping in the necessary water to perform these tests. This is one of the steps to getting the ASR certified for being a viable aquifer storage well.

The Shadow Wells are still in use. It was anticipated back in September that the Shadow Wells would only be of use for a few more months, but citizen water conservation as well as the use of the old Jordan well provided enough relief for a bit more use. Stage I is still in effect, which means watering is limited to every other day if at all. However, if watering is needed every day, Stage I restrictions can be lifted. The city would like to thank the community for their cooperation and efforts. It is only through them that Grimes was able to get through the heaviest water periods. Please also take the time to support local businesses and farmers who were affected by the drought.