Waukee High School vocal music made history on Saturday, Oct. 26 when 28 students were accepted into the Iowa All-State Chorus. Not only is 28 the maximum number of entries from each school, it is also very rare to have all 28 accepted into the group. This has only been accomplished by a handful of schools over the past 50 years. At the 67th Annual Iowa All-State Music Festival at Hilton Coliseum in Ames, students were able to showcase their hard work by singing in a group of over 600 students from around the state at the concert as well as for two days before during rehearsals. The All-State Orchestra and Band also performed at the concert.

The following students were accepted into the chorus from Waukee High School: Madeline Baccam, Gabrielle Buck, Marisa Craven, Patrick Cunningham, Andrew Cutler, Bryce Cutler, Ridg Downs, Taylor Else, Dustin Eubanks, Josh Fett, Hunter Flesch, Adrian Horras, Kayla Kuethe, Lindsay Larson, Poni Lejukole, Taylor Michl, Lillian Mindrup, Davis Patton, Emily Perez, Breanna Poage, Blake Scantlin, Kellen Schrimper, Zach Smith, Abby Vens, Jason Wells, Madeleine Wiegers, Trevor Wiley, and Madeline Yates.

Senior Davis Patton achieved the very rare honor of being accepted into the chorus for all four of his years in high school, an honor that very few students accomplish.

The Dallas County News would like to congratulate the Waukee Vocal Music Department on their historic year at All-State.