Out of 1,154 known drilled wells in Dallas County, 295 are currently in use as private wells for drinking water. Ted Trewin from Dallas County Environmental Health Services (part of Dallas County Public Health) states that there is no law requiring inspection of private wells. If someone is concerned about their well water, Environmental Health can help private well owners arrange an inspection. There is grant money available if the property owner is not able to afford the cost of testing a water sample at a certified lab.

More information about private wells is available at https://tracking.idph.iowa.gov/Environment/Private-Well-Water.

With the rapid increase of homes built in unincorporated areas of the county, there are many more septic systems, a total of 5,294 on record. According to Dallas County Environmental Health, 1,205 of these are of the type that require regular maintenance, such as multi-flow systems. Other types include sand and wetland, holding tanks, and lateral fields.

Chapter 69 of the Iowa Code specifies required maintenance checks either twice or once per year. Private septic inspection companies charge a fee for these scheduled checks. Contact Ted Trewin at 515-993-3750 for options on companies that are certified to perform septic system inspections.