Dear Editor:

In this era of political divisiveness, it is easy to get swept up into an all or nothing mentality. Although this can be difficult to avoid, there is often a valuable middle ground.

Take energy policy as an example. New energy sources here in Iowa make sense to supply power in certain cases. However, traditional energy includes the added benefit of playing an important role in our everyday lives.

Whether we realize it or not, products made from oil and natural gas play a starring role in our daily routines. These valuable resources are in the shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant we use while getting ready for the day and in the vitamins we take with our breakfast. They can be found in the computer keyboards and cellphones we use at work, and in the fertilizers that help the crops here in Dallas County.

Energy policy should not be an all or nothing political issue. The government that serves us best is one that supports a wide range of energy solutions for this modern age. Therefore, I support efforts to build up America’s energy infrastructure by committing greater funding to petroleum and natural gas pipelines.

Rod Shirk

West Des Moines