Norma Lindeen's letter about legitimizing President Donald Trump's morality ignores some basic facts.

First, supporting the man as the nation's president does not mean approving of his private life, especially actions from years gone by. Countless voters in 2016 did not like either or the major candidates on the presidential ballot.

Trump's personal past is colorful, to say the least, but he is our president, and we should respect that. Hillary Clinton's performance also has been shown to be less than stellar. If she were president, would you be bashing her?

Second, supporting Trump does not mean we are flaunting forgiveness. The Bible says everyone has done things that require forgiveness, and in God's eyes, no sin is worse than any other.

If Trump has been shown to have committed an impeachable offense, he should be removed from office. Meanwhile, we should support him as our nation's leader and respect the Office of the President.

Joyce Wills,