The left is determined to rewrite or repeal the Second Amendment since the founders could not know 200 years later citizens would have assault weapons with large magazines.

An anonymous source afraid to speak publicly claims that makes sense to liberals and they should also want to rewrite or repeal the First Amendment.

Certainly the founders could not envision that freedom of religion would permit the government to ban Christianity in public places but protect Islam.

They wouldn’t have planned for freedom of speech to include the internet, Google, Facebook and YouTube.

They didn’t know that freedom of the press would lead to political bias/dishonest media, fake news.

Surely they couldn’t foresee the right to assemble would allow certain groups to loot, burn, destroy and block access to private and public property.

Or that the right to petition the government could lead to threats and unfounded calls for impeachment against a lawfully elected leader and repeal of the Constitution.

As long as liberals eat Tide pods and snort condoms, they will hate America and what she stands for.

Leland Graber,