In the U.S., 7.3 percent of the population are military veterans according to Wikipedia. Another way to state it is 92.7 percent of Americans never served their country in the armed forces. Yet, nearly 100 percent of Americans claim to be patriots.

The best way for patriots to honor those who served is to return the service. Brick and mortar shops, mom and pop shops, contractors and store owners should follow the model of many modern retailers and offer a discount to military veterans. One well known “do it yourself home retailer” gives veterans a 10 percent discount at checkout. Recently, a local healthcare operation give me a 10 percent discount for my service.

A discount for service makes a much bigger impression than fireworks or a parade. So, if for some reason you never served, here is your chance. Who knows, maybe The Hawk Eye newspaper will become a more little Hawkish, too.

 Mark Ertz,