If you need assistance with a project at your house, such as weatherization or building a ramp, Habitat for Humanity (515-238-5785) would like to talk to you.

There will be two neighborhood revitalization projects called Rock the Block this September, in Dallas Center and in Perry. Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications from persons who own the home they live in and who are within income guidelines. This includes buying on contract, owning with a mortgage, and owning with no mortgage left. To qualify, your household income must be 60% or less than the median income in your community.

Rock the Block focuses on exterior maintenance and minor repairs, debris removal, and improving accessibility. Households chosen must agree to complete a two-hour financial class and provide six hours of volunteer service to Habitat. This volunteer service will match the person’s physical abilities and skills. During the application process, which includes assessment of the house, the Habitat staff will decide how much repayment (if any) will be required of the home owner.

It takes many volunteers to do this work at low or no cost to the home owners. Please sign up online at http://www.dallascountyhabitat.org/#Volunteer for a day of work in your community.