Along with other immunizations, protect your sons and daughters from HPV cancers with a vaccine that helps prevent the infections that cause six types of cancer.

Timing is important on this. Here are the options for the series of immunizations for both girls and boys.

Age 9 to 14 years, 2 doses, 6-12 months apart (ideal timing is ages 11-12.)

Age 15-26 years, 3 doses, the first two doses 1-2 months apart, and the third dose 6 months later.

The HPV vaccine is most effective when given at age 11 or 12. Because HPV can cause cancer in both men and women, this is not just protection for daughters.

In addition to cervical cancer, the virus may cause throat cancers in men and women, penile cancer in men, and anal cancer and/or genital warts in men and women. While it may be alarming for a parent of a sixth grader to even think about these types of cancers, it’s devastating for the parent of a 30-year-old to learn their son or daughter has cancer. Over 31,500 men and women are diagnosed annually with cancers caused by HPV (

Prevention through immunizations is peace of mind.