Right now in Iowa, we have 60,000 jobs open. Our unemployment rate stands at 2.6%, hitting an 18 year low and tying Iowa with North Dakota for the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the nation. All thanks to Governor Kim Reynolds. Governor Reynolds is committed to helping Iowans succeed, by lowering our taxes and helping us find high-paying jobs. She won’t stop until every single one of those 60,000 jobs is filled.

On the other hand, her opponent Fred Hubbell is a far-left Liberal who only cares about his own paycheck. Don’t just look at his time at Younkers where he fired employees while taking massive pay raises but look at how he wants to raise our taxes and increase state spending. He has gone on record and said he wants to “undo everything Governor Reynolds has done”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want this urban liberal in the governor’s office.