Dear Editor:

Everything starts with a dream and sometimes you think that it will never happen… until you fight for it and in my case, find yourself studying in another country with the best experiences ever. My name is Ariadna Bouyer, I am an exchange student from Chile, and I’m staying with the fabulous Zoss family in Adel, IA.

When you come here for the first time you feel a little afraid. That is part of a process that everyone feels in one point of their life. That fear for me was my first steps in a completely different country - it definitely makes you start to grow up and I am thankful for that. For that original fear is now the best part of myself. My host family and my family back in Chile, both are always there giving me a hand when I need it and making me a better person every day.

I am so thankful to Youth For Understanding (YFU), my exchange organization, for giving me this opportunity to be in the USA, living an American Dream. I would love to share my two favorite experiences. The first one is when I arrived at this new land of Iowa; I saw my host family waiting for me in the airport with a poster that said “Bienvenida a Iowa,” I was so happy and I already felt at home. We went to the Brick Street Bakery in Adel - this is where I tasted a donut for the first time! My other favorite memory was the homecoming dance at ADM High School. I went with a group a friends, we laughed a lot, we shared funny memories and danced together - a lot!

I am so thankful that I came to live in Adel and am happy to be a part of such a great community. I invite you all to contact YFU by website, or directly call their number 866-493-8872 and host an exchange student in your family! YFU also offers different study abroad programs/scholarship for American high school students.

Ariadna Bouyer