Dear Editor,

Currently, some of the members of the Iowa Legislature are open to policy solution(s) for residential property tax relief. Considering that my Dallas County residential property assessments have increased by $31,440, which is also 17.08 percent since 2016, I am ready for realistic and sustainable action.

In September 2018, the County raised my residential assessment by $15,810, which was also 8.46 percent. I was shocked to read a January 15, 2019 notice indicating another assessment increase of $3,880, which was also 1.91 percent. I am in disbelief over having two increases in my assessments in less than 5 months.

My household budget can not withstand any more of these inflated and constant increases in property taxes. There have been no structural changes made to my house that would increase value. There have been no sales of existing houses in the immediate are that would increase the “comps.”

The housing starts in Granger have been slow and relatively steady since 2016. Yes, over the last two years housing sales have been somewhat higher. However, Granger does not have high status or ego value required to drive up prices and increase an influx of buyers.

It has become financially and painfully obvious that members of the Iowa Legislature must prioritize legislation before the residential property taxes are out of control.

Linda Larson