The Iowa legislative session is now over half done for this year and yet, the residents and constituents of House District 19 have yet to see a public forum. Chris Hagenow, a new Representative in this district; moving into Dallas county just months before the 2018 election from his previously held elected position in Iowa House District 43 of Windsor Heights, Hagenow has yet to hold or schedule a single public forum in his new district this year.

I am calling on Representative Hagenow to set a schedule of at least 4 public forums across House District 19 before the end of this legislative session in order to explain what is happening in the legislature, answer questions, hear feedback, and meet his new constituents. This is part of being a public servant and elected official here in Iowa and the vast majority of fellow Iowa legislators, including State Senator Jake Chapman, hold multiple public forums throughout the legislative session.

It is time that Hagenow, as the Majority Leader of the Iowa House, be a true public figure and hold public forums.

I am calling on the press to ask Representative Hagenow to hold public forums in and throughout House District 19, parts of Dallas County and northern Polk County, before the end of the 2019 legislative session.

A concerned Constituent,

Bryce Smith of Adel