Have you heard of the exercise program called Walk with Ease? It was developed by the Thurston Arthritis Research Center, designed to reduce pain and improve overall health.

Walk with Ease is a community-based physical activity and self-management education program. You may participate in group walking or experience the program alone. The research shows the greatest benefit from walking three times weekly for six weeks, or twice weekly for nine weeks.

Walk with Ease includes education, stretching and strengthening, and walking for 10-35 minutes each session. A guidebook is included when you enroll. Program goals are to:Reduce pain and stiffnessIncrease balance, strength and walking paceBuild confidence to be physically activeImprove overall health

While Walk with Ease was intended for persons with arthritis, it is an excellent way for anyone to become more active. To participate, you must be able to stand for 10 minutes without increased pain.

If you are interested, contact Trina Suchan at 515-575-9220 or trina.suchan@my-chp.com. She will work to coordinate with a local community center or church that is willing to host the program. If you are able to welcome this program into your facility, please call.