The Iowa Department of Human Services has mailed letters this summer to persons covered by the Medicaid MCOs (Managed Care Organizations) regarding an open enrollment period. This includes adults with Iowa Health Link and children on Hawk-i.

If your health insurance is through a Managed Care Organization of Medicaid, you have until Sept. 30 to choose which company you want to use. You may select either Amerigroup Iowa or Iowa Total Care. This open enrollment period means you can switch companies for any reason.

If you previously had United HealthCare as an MCO, your coverage stopped July 1, and you need to choose Amerigroup or Total Care.

According to the Iowa Department of Human Services, current Amerigroup members will remain with Amerigroup to maintain continuity of care, unless the member chooses to switch to Iowa Total Care.

You may ask the Health Navigators at the Dallas County Health Department for help with this process by calling 515-993-3750. Or call Iowa Medicaid Enterprise member services at 800-338-8366.

Other frequently asked questions and their answers currently appear on the Department of Human Services website

Additionally, Iowa Total Care has a provider directory on their website,