The 5210 campaign started a few years ago to help combat childhood obesity. For the uninitiated, the numbers 5210 are a reminder to eat 5 fruits or vegetables daily; limit screen time (TV, computer, phone, tablet) to 2 hours per day; participate in 1 hour of physical activity daily; and drink 0 (zero) servings of sugary beverages.

The 5210 concept is now popular among adults. If you commute to Des Moines for work, your employer may offer the GetActive DSM workplace wellness program.

If you’re retired and can’t take advantage of a free employee wellness program, try Go4Life, designed by the National Institute on Aging to help you fit physical activity into your daily routine. See for an exercise video on their interactive website. Another source of help is our own Dallas County Extension, which offers lots of free information on low cost healthy food choices. Call them at 515-993-4281 or check

The adult campaign of 5210 adds to the basic message, urging us to be role models of good health. Keep in mind that “do as I say, not as I do” didn’t work on you, and it won’t work on your children and grandchildren.