National Preparedness Month is nearly over, but its lessons are worth noting. The emphasis this year is preparedness regarding health.

On Sept. 6, your Dallas County Health Department held an emergency preparedness drill, with 50 volunteers participating to assist in the training. Thank you to those individuals who donated an hour of time to help Dallas County staff rehearse an emergency situation response.

The Center for Preparedness and Response ( states that health preparedness is anticipating your health needs immediately after an emergency or disaster. Here are some health preparedness ideas:Personal needs – everything from infant formula to contact lens solution, oxygen or diabetic supplies.Medications – prescription as well as over-the-counter medications, plus a means to keep them dry and at the proper temperature.Documents – health insurance and identification cards, and immunization records.Power sources – a power outage would disable C-PAPs, phone chargers, etc., so think about extra batteries and possibly a generator. See for tips on safely using a generator.Water – clean drinking water is important for everyone, especially children, older persons, and people with poor health because they dehydrate quickly. A means of handwashing can prevent the spread of cholera.

Make a plan today for health preparedness.