The global coronavirus pandemic has brought an unparalleled decline in global greenhouse gas emissions. While this may be viewed as a significant step toward reducing the effects of global warming, in hindsight, I believe we will see that this serves as rather a wake-up call.

The fact the largest drop in global CO2 emissions ever recorded will not even make a dent in the effects on future global warming is shocking. I believe this needs to be recognized and acted upon immediately because our generation is going to be at the forefront of this crisis.

This moment serves as a perfect example of the gravity of our situation. I have been involved in climate-based research for the past two years as a college student, and I know how pressing our global climate crisis is.

Our planet is experiencing unprecedented temperatures, and we need to be investing more resources and taking more forceful action to implement new policies that reflect this urgency.

Especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, we need to be thinking of the current health of Iowans; however, we also need to consider what steps we can take now to ensure a healthier life for our future generations.

The coronavirus should not serve as any type of justification for polluters to evade environmental regulations, but rather a reason for us to establish new and more effective ones.

Karine Holmes, Ames