I have felt a very serious rant developing since I heard the news of moronic boy scout leaders toppling a 200 million year old rock structure in the Goblin Valley State Valley State Park in Utah. This boulder had stood for 200 million years—back to the Jurassic period, the time of the dinosaurs! These foolish, uncaring individuals managed to destroy this wonder of nature in a matter of seconds. It is my hope that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, which may mean felony charges for the 3 of them responsible.

To me there are at least 2 serious consequences of this unbelievably vile behavior: one is the loss of a beautiful natural wonder, and the other is the terrible example the men displayed to their scouts. I hope that they will be removed as leaders and that the scouts they were responsible for will have a chance to talk with responsible adults about what these men did. I hope that the people of Utah will express their outrage about this event. I feel enraged because this lack of consideration toward natural wonders such as Goblin Valley leads to disregard for special places in our country,wherever they are. People who perpetrate such irresponsible, thoughtless acts must be held accountable.