Among the animals at our house is a flock of domestic ducks: 2 khaki campbells, 2 runners, 1 piebald, and 5 cayugas. The khakis, as the name implies, are predominately khaki-colored, with a lovely greenish head on the male. The runners are black with a body shape much different than that of the other ducks. Their legs are set back farther on their bodies which results in a more upright posture. (think of the white duck in the movie "Babe"—he was a runner) The piebald is white over all with a dark bill and feet, very similar to the white pekin except for leg and feet color. The cayugas are some of the most beautiful ducks I have seen. They are black with iridescent blue, purple, and green that glows in the sun. We have had these ducks since they were babies, but they aren’t tame. They hang together as a flock and get very frightened if we get too close. Our yard is fenced to keep them safe from would-be predators, so they can enjoy being out in the big yard during the day. At night time they have their own house within a fenced in pen so no raccoons or oppossums can bother them.

Watching the ducks provides us with a lot of entertainment. When they are patrolling the yard sometimes they travel in a group and other times they will go single file. They are very interested in grazing in the grass and looking for whatever worms and bugs they can find. We have a large metal water tank for them which provides swimming opportunities, which is also fun to watch. Sometimes they will dive under water and zoom back and forth under the surface, which splashes lots of water around. They do keep an eye on their surroundings and occasionally we see them with their heads cocked up as if they are checking for aerial predators. They are lots of fun to watch, and I know we would really miss them if they weren’t here.