In the last few days I have enjoyed seeing a variety of wildlife near our home. First on my way down our dead end road I was surprised by a flock of 9 young turkeys hurrying down the road right in front of me. They ran a ways then took off into the adjacent field and woods, flying much better than I expected them to. We had domestic turkeys a while back and there was no way they could fly because they were too heavy to lift off. It was a thrill seeing these youngsters because it’s something we don’t often see.

Then the very same day I saw our resident groundhog moseying across the yard as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He has dug up the dirt floor of our little garden shed and seems very happy there. He is very shy as this was the first time I’ve seen him all summer so I was pleased to have the opportunity to actually see him. As I thought about the fun of seeing him I made a mental list of how many other creatures we’ve seen in our yard and pasture. The list is fairly long, and includes squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks (which I think people in this part of Iowa call "squinnies"), raccoons, possums, and deer. Plus of course many bird species which we enjoy seeing at our feeders. I feel really blessed to live here and enjoy seeing all of these natural wonders.