I received a disturbing email from Frances Beineke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, about the activities of a government agency called Wildlife Services.

This agency is part of the Department of Agriculture, and under the guise of "predator control" kills 100,000 native carnivores yearly, including wolves, bobcats, foxes, and black bears. Wildlife Services kills upon requests of big ranchers and agribusiness, and is funded by millions of dollars of our tax money. Brutal methods such as poisons, traps, and aerial gunning have killed more than 2 million animals since 2000. More than 50,000 of these animals were killed accidentally, including endangered species and household pets.

This senseless attack on wildlife must be stopped. We must demand an investigation of Wildlife Services and its so called "predator control" methods. Hundreds of thousands of wildlife advocates must make their voices heard to stop Wildlife Services from continuing its killing spree. Join the Natural Resources Defense Council to help end this tax funded, destructive program. Thousands of wild animals are depending on us for help.