To the Editor:

Republican Congressional inaction by the July 1 deadline is raising interest rates on student loans, which seems to favor increasing bank profits and not to protect the future of young people. Are Republican leaders sincere when they proclaim that they are concerned about the inherited debt left to young people? Are Republican libertarian views only valued when it comes to profit?

In 1999, the U.S. had a surplus that was on target to wipe out our debt within ten years. Both Republican and Democratic Congressional members had worked on solutions to the large debt incurred in the 1980s. We now have amateur conservative libertarians in control of Congress who will not negotiate with Democrats. Since 2011, Congressional Republicans are not even helping pass bills with fiscal solutions to our debt or incentives for job creation. Instead, Congressional Republicans seem intent on forcing governmental intrusion into personal decisions. Does this align with libertarian views of individual freedom, political freedom, and voluntary association?

Julie Stewart Ziesman,