To the Editor:

Bob Vander Plaats, president of the Family Leader, states that, "Our mission is simply, ‘Strengthening families.’ Thus, anything that benefits families we support, and anything that endangers families we oppose." (Des Moines Register, 11/14/13) The Family Leader is notorious for what it is against. What causes that benefit families are members of the Family Leader financially supporting and/or volunteering? Are members of the Family Leader actively trying to find shelter for homeless families so they do not have to be separated? Are they encouraging parenting skills education? Are they donating to Food Banks that give out food to hungry families? Are they trying to give assistance to unemployed parents by directing them to job-seeking skills services? Are they supporting the Affordable Care Act that provides uninsured families the comfort of knowing that they will receive health care? Are they supporting public education so all children will receive an education? Are they endorsing raising the minimum wage so that parents can have jobs that pay a living wage?

It would be enlightening if Vander Plaats would give us the positive actions that strengthen and benefit families that have been provided by the Family Leader.

Julie Stewart Ziesman