To the Editor:

The past couple weeks the City has been forced to close the Adel City Pool early due to poor water clarity. The water clarity issue has been limited to the deep section of the pool. Cloudy water can be caused by a number of reasons: poor filtration, imbalance of chemicals, build-up of micro-particles that the main pool filters can’t catch, etc., etc. In this case, it is a combination of chlorine levels and ‘chalking’ of the paint in the pool. Right now, every minute, the pool is receiving 80-90 gallons to keep it full. The continuous ‘filling’ of the pool doesn’t allow chlorine levels to get very high and do their job, thus resulting in lower chlorine levels.

The other contributing factor is the pool paint. The pool has not been painted in four years, which is a normal preventative maintenance plan for any pool, however at a price of $5,000-$6,000 for paint, and a new facility opening soon, the City opted not to paint the pool prior to this season. (The current pool was planned to be retired permanently after the 2012 season.) The current pool paint, when rubbed by a foot, hand, back, etc. will rub off making a cloudy look in that area, reducing visibility in the water. The deepest end of the pool is where the main drains are located. Factors such as gravity draw particles in the water to the deepest point of the pool and make it cloudy.

Why close the entire pool when just the deep end is cloudy?

It’s simple, safety, safety, safety. Main drains of a swimming pool must be visible at all times for a pool to be open to the public.

What can be done about this in the meantime?

The City continues to monitor the chlorine levels and has been using a coagulant called Sea Klear to assist in improving the water clarity. Pool staff has been vacuuming the bottom of the pool every 2 days to filter out any debris that may affect the water clarity.

Moving forward in the current facility, the Adel Pool staff will continue to monitor the water clarity and will continue to close the facility when needed for your safety. The pool staff has been and will continue to hand out free day passes to those patrons that must leave the pool early. These day passes are good for the entire 2013 pool season including the New Adel Family Aquatic Center when it opens next month.

If you have any questions, please give me a call at (515)993-4525

Thanks-Nick Schenck, Park/Rec. Director, City of Adel.

(Editor’s Note: Parks and Recreation Director Nick Schenck sent this letter after our 5 p.m. press date for this week’s issue of the DCN. The letter will be included in next week’s issue.)