Some authors write so beautifully that it nearly takes my breath away. How can you not be pulled into a book that opens with: "The war tried to kill us in the spring."? With his richly layered prose, Kevin Powers tells the story of three young men involved in America’s gulf wars. A best-seller, "The Yellow Birds" is Powers’ first novel.

As the war’s death toll nears one thousand, Privates Murphy and Bartle struggle to stay alive in spite of the constant danger, snipers, physical fatigue, and mental stress that are all a part of battle. Under the direction of Sergeant Sterling, the two young soldiers do everything they can to protect each other.

When reality blurs into a hazy never-ending nightmare of death and destruction, Murphy becomes increasingly withdrawn and unmoored from reality, and Bartle takes actions he could have never imagined.

Compelling and brilliantly written, "The Yellow Birds" is an enduring and truthful war story.

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