To the Editor:

If Republican lawmakers had really been interested in controlling the cost of health care, they had the opportunity to help write the Affordable Care Act. Instead, only a few would even participate in deliberations. The 2010 law is a close version of the successful health care law in Massachusetts that was proposed by Gov. Mitt Romney. The Massachusetts law was based on proposals from the Heritage Foundation’s conservative think tank. In the 1990s, they were commissioned by Republican lawmakers to combat Pres. Clinton’s health care proposals.

Yes, there are lawmakers who do not read the bills that they vote on. Most leave it up to their staff members to digest each bill. However, the Affordable Care Act is really not hard to read and is easily available on the internet for all of those who want to educate themselves.

It is a puzzle why some are fighting those who cannot obtain health insurance by denying them the opportunity to purchase it. Why is defunding Obamacare on the top of Republican’s list? Where does the misconception that this law will "give government control of our lives’ come from? The 2010 law gives private insurance carriers the power to continue paying for health care costs. It has just added new restrictions that protect their policy holders and has enlarged the pool of those covered by health insurance. We should all be working for the same goal of quality health care for everyone.

Julie Stewart Ziesman