The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn boys’ soccer team held their annual tournament this past weekend (April 7-8).

On Friday (April 7) the Tigers (No. 7) swept St Albert’s, Council Bluffs (No. 8) 4-0.

The game started upbeat and the first goal came after 12 minutes, when the Tigers were awarded a penalty kick that allowed Matthew Oberreuter to shoot the ball high into the goal

Halfway through the first half the Tigers scored a second goal after a corner kick. Lucas O’Connor took the ball down the field before passing to Eli Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf drove in on the goalie who dove at his feet but was unable to keep the ball from going into the net.

The rest of the first half both teams had scoring opportunities but neither was able to add to the score.

The second half started as upbeat as the first and the Tigers quickly put the game ahead of the Falcons.

Ponce stole the ball from a defender and quickly passed it to Barton who was on edge of the six yard box. Barton moved it back to Schwarzkopf who kicked it into the the goal.

Two minutes later Ponce drove by two defenders before passing the ball to Schwarzkopf, again, on the edge of the penalty box. Schwarzkopf completed the hat trick by shooting the ball into the top right of the net.

“All-in-all it was a very satisfactory opening to the season,” said coach Bill Shields, referring to the Friday game.

Saturday morning didn’t go so well for the Tigers. The first game they fell 1-0 to a first half penalty kick by Waverly-Shell Rock’s Brody Folkerts and in the second game, they “made several poor defensive mistakes” to lose 7-0 to Des Moines East.

The game started out slow, with both teams clearly beginning to be worn out by the tournament; but it quickly became apparent who was more worn out.

The Scarletts were on a roll getting shots in right away, but the Tigers’ goalie, TJ Klocke, was able to stop them.

The Scarletts had multiple penalties called against them that allowed the Tigers several free kicks. Even with these shots, the Tigers just weren’t able to beat the Scarletts to the first goal.

A shot was made by Abdi Abdirahman but saved by the Tigers, then a corner kick was given to the Scarletts, but this still didn’t give up the first goal.

The first goal was made by Allen Blanco at the end of the first half when he drove down the field past the Tigers.

The rest of the half kept going in the Scarletts’ favor and at the last second, Christopher Ortiz shot another goal to put the score at 2-0.

The Scarletts began the second half by immediately shooting the ball. Luckily, Klocke saved the shots. Klocke was able to save nine of the Scarletts shots throughout the game.

Once again, the Tigers were given free kicks, but none that got them far enough down the field. Soon, Scarlett Johnny Argueta Herrera made the first goal of the half.

A restart of the game and goal kick allowed the Tigers to gain possession, but this didn’t last long and within two minutes Argueta Herrera scored his second goal of the night. The Tigers were down 4-0.

Argueta Herrera was on a streak that the Tigers just couldn’t stop as he finished his hat trick just four minutes later.

The Tigers finally got a free kick, only to have it miss the goal. The Scarletts brought the ball back down the field where it stayed, but wasn’t able to make it into the goal.

With several shots made and missed by both teams, the clock wound down to just six and half minutes. The Scarletts were still in control and Abdirahman was able to shoot the ball into the net.

After restarting play, the Scarletts quickly put the ball back on their side and not 30 seconds later, Santiago Rios scored the final goal.

The Scarletts continued to control the ball the rest of the game, but the Tigers were able to defend the ball well, not giving up any more points.

The Tigers lost the game to the Scarletts 7-0 and finished the tournament 1-2.

“This was not quite the start to the season we had anticipated,” said Shields.

The Tigers hosted Boone on Monday, April 10.