The Dallas Center-Grimes Fillies fell one game short of the State Volleyball Tournament when they lost 3-0 to Lewis Central in the Regional Finals.

The Fillies played 91 sets and finished with a total of 816 kills for an average of 8.97 kills per set. After 440 errors and 2655 attack attempts the team had a kill efficiency of 0.142 on the season.

With 222 kills, Katelyn Knudsen led the Fillies this season. She also had 104 errors and 727 attack attempts for her efficiency of 0.162.

Out of their team total of 1833 serves, the Fillies had 1662 successful serves for an efficiency of 0.907. They also had 175 aces this season for an average of 1.92 aces per set.

Hannah Ashley led the team with 368 successful serves. With her 381 total serves, Ashley had an efficiency of 0.966. She also scored 35 of the Fillies’ aces.

Dakota Miles led the Fillies in aces. She had 42 aces this season for an average of 0.48 aces per set.

The Fillies averaged 8.43 assists per set with a total of 767 this season. They also had 1248 digs this year for and average of 13.71 per set.

Ally Ferguson had 670 assists for an average of 7.36 per set. Miles led the team in digs as well. She had 366 digs for an average of 4:16 digs per set.

The Fillies had 92 solo blocks and 262 block assists this season for a total of 354 blocks and an average of 3.89 per set.

Abby Greiman was the leader for the Fillies in blocks. She ended the season with a total of 104; 76 block assists and 28 solo blocks. Greiman averaged 1.14 blocks per set.

The Fillies season ended with a 27-8 season record.