Tim Clay is someone in the Woodward-Granger community that is easily recognizable by his voice. Anyone who has attended a sporting event in the past three years knows how fun and exciting Clay made each and every game for all spectators.

As a teacher and the “Voice of the Hawks” Clay has decided to move on with his career, but plans to bring the good memories of the W-G athletic department and community along with him.

“I grew a lot as an announcer over the past three years thanks to Woodward-Granger,” said Clay. “So I am very appreciative towards the community for that.”

When he began his work in the community back in 2015, Clay first approached former head volleyball coach Meg Jackson and simply asked if he could help out with the program. Once Clay received permission from Jackson, he went on to announce for W-G volleyball, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, track, baseball, and softball.

Having announced for football and basketball at his previous school, Clay says he was looking forward to continuing this fun job within the W-G community.

“My job as announcer is to just make sure there is a really fun game atmosphere,” said Clay. “And Woodward-Granger really got into it. I would love it when I would throw a song on [over the loud speaker] and you would see people in the crowd start singing and dancing along.”

Now as he moves on to teach within the Norwalk Community School District, Clay says he will take those and other good memories along with him as he plans to continue announcing.

W-G Activities Director Matt Eichhorn says there are a few new candidates interested in announcing for different sports in the upcoming seasons, but he is still taking applications.