In a sport where each second matters, local racing star Brett Moffitt took every second to claim his fifth career win this past weekend in the Corrigan Oil 200.

It was at Michigan International Speedway where Moffitt calculated his final move on the two mile track and in dramatic fashion, claiming his fourth victory in 2018 by a mere .025 seconds. What’s more is that Moffitt held the lead for merely five laps total including the final lap lead just before the checkered flag on lap 200. All of that came en rout to defeating the reigning Camping World Truck Series champion Johnny Sauter.

It was quite the steady race for Moffitt who started the race in the 21st position and did not reside inside the top ten spots following the conclusion of Stage One. True to the form of Brett Moffitt however, he would not be held back for long and maneuvered his way inside the top ten following the end of stage two.

Moffitt maneuvered his way inside the top 15 on multiple occasions including a 13th place stint following lap 20. Stage two was slowed twice due to caution flags but after those periods of waiting, Moffitt successfully navigated hectic and chaotic restarts. All said and done, Moffitt really helped his cause out after remaining in the top five through those two restarts and that stage came to a close with Moffitt running third through lap 40, earning eight points to the cause.

Lap 43 provided Moffitt a chance for a pit stop to refuel with fuel, tires, and a wedge adjustment which in turn helped Moffitt to propel himself into 19th place following the restart. There was a nice long run from laps 47-78 where Moffitt really did some damage and managed his first entry into the top five all race long.

Moffitt then was set up nicely to make his final move which all began with just 11 laps remaining in the race. What set the racing world on edge was the movement on Turn 3 on the final lap. In the middle of turns three and four Moffitt drove to the bottom of the speedway and found himself right alongside the number 21 car in Johnny Sauter. Utilizing the draft from other trucks is a difficult yet effective way to claim victory and Moffitt did just that using the side draft from the number 21 car to propel him into yet another victory.

After the race Brett re-caped the final push for him and the number 16 truck en rout to victory.

“The whole last however many laps that I was behind him, I was running wide open and I would push him with that air bubble between our bumpers so I tried to back up one and let him get out there a little bit,” Moffitt told HRE.

Despite some minor hiccups in the racing performance, Moffitt executed a plethora of moves that vaulted him to the top.

“I knew Johnny (Sauter) was fast and our Toyota engine, we were lacking a little bit of raw speed today with that, but I was just really waiting to time it out,” explained Moffitt. “I knew the eight (John Hunter Nemechek) was behind us and I was hoping he would get to us and be able to push us. I was able to plan it right and play it right.”

Despite trailing Sauter by a full three truck lengths heading into the final stretch of the final lap, Moffitt still pulled out what had many individuals screaming at their television for. Moffitt’s win gave him 21 more playoff points to work with and marked the second time the Grimes, Iowa native has won with a last lap pass this season.

Moffitt now has four total wins, 533 total points, and eight top five finishes this season as he lies fifth in the most recent standings with just one last regular season race left.